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Where to Go When: Great Britain & Ireland
Where To Go Wild in Britain
Ultimate Food Journeys

336pp each | 260 x 310mm

Produced for Dorling Kindersley – one of the
biggest names in travel publishing – these
lavishly illustrated books put a new spin on
armchair exploration. Where to Go When
showcased the British Isles at their most
beautiful and enjoyable throughout the year;
Where to Go Wild identified the most
fascinating and spectacular wildlife sights
around the country; while Ultimate Food
Journeys was a global tour of the world’s
best dishes and where to eat them.

To take these books from concept to reality,
we used specialist picture researchers and
overseas sources to obtain magnificent
wildlife imagery, mouthwatering food
photography and glorious location shots –
over 1,000 for each title – edited text from
multiple authors, commissioned maps and
researched essential practical visitor
information on travel and accommodation to
ensure that it was accurate and up to date.

The resulting books were not just some of
our own favourites. Ultimate Food Journeys
was a 2012 finalist in the prestigious IACP
(International Association of Culinary
Professionals) Cookbook Awards, while
sequences from Where to go Wild were
picked up as major photo features by both
the Guardian and Daily Telegraph.

“A lavishly visual month-by-month guide to
the UK's best wildlife hotspots.”

BBC Wildlife Magazine, on Where to Go Wild