about us

Book and DVD | 352pp, 3hrs running time
Book 198 x 242mm

Creating this complete, integrated learning package – an illustrated manual with an accompanying DVD – required a tightly
planned schedule of photography, video
and sound recording to support the
editorial process.

We conceived and developed the 10-lesson –
or “session” – structure of the teaching
course, commissioned musical notation for bespoke exercises and practice pieces, and selected “guitar heroes” to encourage and inspire with photographic spreads and tips
on achieving their sounds. We used visual explanations to communicate basic music theory, from simple chord formation to pentatonic scales, while another section of
the book focused on demystifying sound
and recording equipment.

Using both our own studio space and professional facilities, we devised and shot step-by-step photo sequences for all aspects
of guitar-playing, from basic chord fingering to maintenance. We structured and storyboarded the content of the DVD for maximum ease of use, adding post-production touches such as animated notation and bonus background tracks to jam along to.