about us

Founded in 1998, cobalt id is a team of art directors, editors, writers and designers with diverse backgrounds.
We are united in our commitment to quality, and in our
content-driven approach to design. Our skills lie in the
identification of audiences and markets, the
development of content that communicates directly
and effectively, and strong contemporary design.

We have specialist editorial knowledge of science,
technology and the environment and can draw on
expertise in most other fields – from psychology to
horticulture – to support your projects with fluent
copy and effective graphics.

You’ll find us open and approachable. We’ll work with
you to identify your needs, map out the best way of
achieving them, and ensure that you are informed
throughout the process.

We’re always here to talk through your concepts,
ideas, projects and problems, so give us a call or
drop us a line.

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